Callington branch key personnel

ECMR - BA&CLR - PD&SWJR - L&SWR  Key personnel

Earl of MountEdgcombe

Director PD&SWJR


Lord St Leven

Director PD&SWJR


Andrew Saunders Harris

Director PD&SWJR


Richard F. Church

Appointed Engineer 1902 PD&SWJR



Appointed Engineer 1902 PD&SWJR


Alfred William Burchell

Company Sec. ECMR 1880


Henry Byers

On site Engineer during building


Associate Engineer 1904-1909/10

 later traffic manager

John Charles Lang

Constructor BA&CLR 1904-1908


T. Harris

Inspector of works


C. J. P. Coombs

Secretary to J. Charles Lang


T. F. Mitchell

General Manager E.C.M.R. 1872-1874


C. Grant Smith

Accountant 1872 General Manager E.C.M.R. 1874-1880


C. H. Reynolds

General Manager E.C.M.R. 1880-1883


Capt. Sowden

General Manager E.C.M.R. 1883-1908


Henry Drew



Major Pringle

B.O.T. Inspector


T. H. Gibbons

Engineer appointed 1910-1912 (died)


Stanley George Hartnell

Traffic Manager PD&SWJR appointed 1910


William T. Foxlee

 Appointed Engineer 1912 PD&SWJR


H. E. Kemp

Locomotive Superintendent, Callington appointed 1907


N. L. Glover



James Ward Burchell

Secretary PD&SWJR