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The Tamar Belle Heritage Group

Is a group of people with a common interest in the industrial and social history of the TamarValley and the surrounding area? The group is based at the Heritage Centre at Bere Ferrers Station but there are members all over the county.

The group meets in the club coach at Bere Ferrers Station on the first Tuesday of each month when after an updated and short discussion members are then entertained (usually by a guest speaker) on a local topic. In the summer months the Tuesday meeting often takes the form of a visit to a local attraction or area of interest. The December meeting is our Christmas party and in the summer we always find time for a BBQ.


A small number of members find time to help out at the Heritage Centre for a few hours, their time is much valued, other members do work at home on such things as photographic displays and news letters.


Many local members belong to other similar groups within the area and some contribute to local publications, magazines and newsletters with a couple even writing books on local heritage themes. A number of our members with specialist knowledge give talks to interested groups on a wide range of subjects.


Although the group has an emphasis towards railway, other interests include all things to do with the Tamar Valley, shipping, ferry's, agriculture, social history, mining, engineering, photography and model making, we have even been known to make our own DVD and assist in other productions. At the recent 'Centenary Celebrations' every display at Bere Alston was made a Tamar Belle Heritage Member.



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The Tamar Belle Heritage Group comprises an unincorporated team of individuals with the common objectives of providing and maintaining interpretative records of changes in the economic and social history of the Tamar & TavyValleys for enjoyment of residents and visitors to this AREA of OUTSTANDING NATURAL BEAUTY







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