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Saltash Heritage relies on a team of stewards to man the museum when it is open.

Opening times are divided into two hour periods with two stewards on duty for each two hour spell.

If you would like to help and join the team please contact Saltash Heritage.

You can do as little or as much as you want.


Full training is given and we would be very pleased to see you  

Saltash Heritage contact details

Steward organisers

April Angie Payne-Hanlon 01752 842419


Sally Haddon 01752 290832


Jacqui Austin 01752 844666
July Sylvia Cadwell 01752 842542
August Lauris Richards 01752 511037
September Yvonne Hope 01752 844871
October Bill Myers 01752 849116
November Bill Myers 01752 848809


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