Steam Specials at Saltash - Photo Gallery


Above. Clun Castle   9-6-1985

Above. King Edward I   19-9-98

Above. 34067 Tangmere   27-8-95

Above. 14-4-2001


Above. Nunny Castle & Earl Bathurst 4-5-2002

Above. 29 May 2004 at 11.50am

Above. I know it isn't steam!! but it is a Western on 19-3-05 with 13 coaches

Above 28 - 10 - 2006

Above and below. Tangmere + Oliver Cromwell   7-4-2009 

Above & below          LMS class 5MT 4-6-0 No. 44871 & 7MT 70013 Oliver Cromwell         3 April 2010

Below. The following day 4 April 2010 both loco's returned tender first, one at each end.

BELOW. Cornish Riviera Express 25 June 2010 King Edward I and Nunny Castle

BELOW. 19 Sep 2010 Pannier 9466 on way to Looe branch

BELOW. Bittern 60019 at Saltash, the second steam train through Saltash today. down direction

BELOW. 60019 Bittern near Shillingham, Saltash, Photo by Gillian Foster

BELOW. Returning later in the afternoon

Below. Could not take a photograph of 9466 returning as I was travelling on the train, but this was at Plymouth

BELOW. One week later 26 Sep 2010 at 7.30pm (almost dark) 9466 returns to Plymouth

Below. BR Britannia class 70013 Oliver Cromwell and 5MT 4-6-0 45305 at Saltash 23 April 2011

Below. Class 47 following above to bring back tour coaches

Below. 70000 Britania passing through Saltash on a very wet Tuesday 6 Sep 2011 with the Atlantic Coast Express 

Below. Britania leaving Plymouth later the same day

Below. 34067 Tangmere 28-4-2012 piloting Oliver Cromwell at Saltash

Below. Tamgmere and Oliver Cromwell on return journey 5-5-2012

70013 Oliver Cromwell 5-8-12 Bristol to Par

70013 Oliver Cromwell 12-8-12 Brisol to Par, last of three excursion on consecutive Sundays

Royal Duchy Sunday 16th June 2013

Below. Southern Pacific 34046 Braunton - Royal Duchy  29-9-2013

Below Royal Duchy 29-6-2014



Atlantic Coast Express - Braunton and Nunny Castle September 2014

Leaving Plymouth on return journey







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