Saltash Heritage - Displays




Saltash Heritage - display in Fore St. (17 April 2010)



Saltash Heritage with the help of a Town Council initiative have been able

to create a display in a shop window in the centre of Fore St.

The centre piece is a model of ‘The Wateride’ complimented with a display of

photographs from the Saltash Heritage Archive

It is hoped to have a new display in 2011 if a property can be found


Saltash Heritage attends Local Studies day at

Plymouth University


Saltash Heritage had a small stand at 'Local Studies Day' held at Plymouth University

The day started at 9am with a series of 6 well scripted and illustrated talks with breaks for

coffee and lunch. The event is very popular and all tickets were sold well in advance.

The stand proved popular and we made many new friends and contacts 


Saltash Heritage display at Saltash Fire Station



Saltash Library photograph display Aug-Sep 2014



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